Our Response to COVID-19

Here at the Little Big Plant Company, we are driven by not only customer satisfaction, but also customer safety. For these reasons we have taken the following actions in response to the current pandemic. 

1. We have a "curbside pickup" option for all customers not comfortable with entering our store at this time. This also reduces foot traffic in the shop.

2. We are adhering to the guidelines put in place for businesses in Regina that limit our customers indoors at one time to 5 which is based on the square footage of our space. All remaining customers are asked kindly to wait outside until someone has left. 

3. As per the recent change in policy here in Saskatchewan, all customers are now required to have a face covering/mask upon entering the store. 

4. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the shop. 

5. We have contactless options for payment including tap and apple pay. 

Thank you for your support and your patience.