BIOS Plant Probiotics

BIOS Plant Probiotics

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Did you know your leaves & soil are covered in microbes? 🤔

Get the power of probiotics to:

- Kill powdery mildew & fungal diseases! 🍄
- Increase water retention (water your plants less often 🥳).
- Keep plants healthy & happy. 🌿

How to Use:
- Soil Drench: 0.5ml per 1L of water. Use once per month!
- Foliar Applications: 1ml per 1L of water. Use twice per month!


Add our Yucca Extract to increase the effectiveness for foliar sprays!

*Makes 15-20 Gallons worth of product 😮

Other benefits include:

- provides micronutrients directly to the leaves & roots.
- increases the plants ability to absorb nutrients.
- increases terpene production of fruiting/flowering plants.